Project 4 (WP5): Development of integrated, multi-archive chronologies

Project lead: Amaëlle Landais

Post-doctoral researcher: Bénédicte Lemieux & Lucie Bazin

Project start/end: October 2013 – September 2014 extended for 6 months until March 2015

To improve the interpretation of geochemical proxies requires the improvement of synchronization between various paleoclimate archives (ice cores, speleothems, marine and continental sediments). The first step of a specific action on chronology, supported by L-IPSL (1 year of half-time contract for Bénédicte Lemieux-Dudon), deals with improvement of the DATICE tool, which allows improving age models and the synchronization of climatic records based on advanced Bayesian methods. Bénédicte Lemieux-Dudon has realized code development and adaptation to run DATICE with sedimentary archives (marine and lake cores, speleothems,…) [Bazin et al., 2014]. The DATICE tool has been successfully tested and can now be used for developing integrated, multi-archive chronologies. This action is extended by 6 months of post-doc (Lucie Bazin) to put within a common timeframe, ice cores and key marine records from the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea and the Austral Ocean. Scientific questions behind these applications are (i) the links between high and mid latitudes over the millennial scale variability of the last climatic cycle and (ii) the links between variations of temperature (over continent), ice sheet size, vegetation, greenhouse gases concentrations. This action is associated with an ERC project ACCLIMATE (C Waelbroeck) and the BNP Paribas FATES project (V. Masson-Delmotte).

Position offer and results (January 2017 update)